The Hartman Church, before turning into someone's home in the sixties, was built originally in 1863 to strengthen the sense of community that the locals shared back then.  For over a century, it was a space where the people could congregate in solidarity to worship in the church or simply enjoy social gatherings in the hall or on the grounds. Today, maintaining much of its original charm and architectural details with some new added modern elements, we are sharing it once again with the public. 
The Hartman offers a venue where our guests can attend gatherings like corporate events, parties, wedding receptions, etc. while  enjoying art exhibitions, intimate musical performances, chef table meals, and seasonal celebrations.  You can also participate in hosted events like culinary and visual art classes, wine making, and more.
Please contact us if you are interested in booking the space for your next event.  We also offer event coordinating and on-site catering services for your private functions.
the Hartman historic church gallery venue